Isabella Hoops

Isabella Hoops

About Isabella Hoops

Isabella Hoops has forever been involved in the arts. She was born into a family of musicians and first stepped onto the stage at the age of 2!

Now an actor, singer and dancer, she began her acting career studying Musical Theatre in Edmonton where she attended Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts. She spent 5 years in Edmonton performing in children’s musicals, touring shows across Alberta and B.C., and performing in the Edmonton Street Performers Festival. Isabella has spent many summers traveling across Canada touring with the Fringe Festival, both as an actor and a busker.

Since moving to Toronto in 2008, Isabella has found a home amidst the growing circus community as she pursues her career as an actor and playwright. She wrote and produced the critically acclaimed show, The Cat of Kensington, for the 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival and Everlasting Slumber with Hercinia Arts for the 2012 London Fringe Festival and 2013 Hamilton Fringe Festival.

She is a diverse circus performer: from fire performing, to wonderful LED light shows, to clowning and kids entertainment. Isabella Hoops does it all!

Isabella has earned a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performance acting. Her skills all come together to create the perfect combination for exciting, entertaining and astonishing kids and adults alike at a variety of events!

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