About This Site

CompTech Website Design Vaughan
You found this website, and there are millions, billions of websites in the world. It’s not easy attracting valuable clients to one website with so many to choose from. High quality websites with engaging content and clean navigation are essential to being found in search results.

We help our clients, including Mega Magic Talent, establish a strong web presence that attracts new prospects every single day! Our goal is to get your website noticed in the online world. CompTech is dedicated to delivering value at every angle – keeping our customers happy and our website portfolio growing!

This website design was built using WordPress and a combination of great talent agency plugins. The theme of this website allowed us to build a database of entertainers in various categories. The website has a responsive design and some customization were done in order to achieve the desired functionality.

If you would like to get in touch with the creators, head over to their web design page.