About Zola

Zola Molotov is a trained fire dancer, circus multi-hooper and movement based storyteller. She began her professional journey while attending theatre school in Paris under the watchful eye of the infamous clown Phillipe Gaulier. Zola was an explorer of the forbidden Catacombs, and in the underbelly of the City of Lights a man with a torch and bottle emblazoned with a skull and crossbones stood before her and blew hot flames from his daring French mouth. Enchanted by this avante garde performance art, it was not long before she was performing fire shows of her own at the foot of the Sacre Coeur.

Paris began a decade-long exploration of experimental theatre, fire dance and circus arts. Zola has toured fairs and festivals across Canada, Mexico and Europe and tributes her rambling spirit to her Grecian Pirate Ancestors. She is currently living in Toronto, mesmerizing crowds with the weaving webs of her fire fans, fire hoops, fire poi and four LED hula hoops! Zola loves attending private events, corporate functions, weddings, festivals and themed parties to ignite the innate wild spirits of her audience members. She is charming, daring and impossible to ignore.

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