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About Kate

Combining engaging performance with elaborate self-made costumes, Kate Mior produces visually stunning creative-movement based living art and mime; from street theatre installations to art-house theatre shows and bawdy vaudeville, she performs with professional circuses in shows and tours as a solo performer in the world of buskerfests.

Kate began performing on the streets of Toronto, Canada while completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at Ryerson University. Upon graduation, Kate was invited to participate in festivals across the globe, so she packed her bags and never looked back! After several years professionally proving her chops on her own, Kate sought training with Dr. Giuseppe Condello in corporeal mime technique, with whom she continues to work closely when creating new material.

From informal street corners to world-class festivals, Kate has performed her unique living statue installations and amazing mime acts across Canada, the US, Europe and Asia, picking up an impressive array of variety skills along the way: from balancing objects to juggling machetes, Kate is a highly skilled character artist who creates unique shows from poignant and contemplative to downright hilarious.

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