Joanne Camilleri

Joanne Lorddess Camilleri with Jupiter

About Joanne

Joanne is a Toronto based Performer, Producer, Instructor and Choreographer in Middle Eastern Arts and Performance Arts in various Dance realms. In 2006 Joanne founded her dance school “Vivace studios” in Toronto. She is in her 9th year Directing Staging and Choreographing her Theater Production of INANNA. Since the year 2000 she has been managing entertainment and entertaining as a regular day and evening performer at the Sultans Tent and Cafe Morocc, and at the Berber Lounge in Toronto and other venues across Canada, US and Malta and Italy in Europe.

With Highlights that include: Fall View Casino, Niagara Falls, Maltese International Day San Francisco, Women’s Health Matters Expo, and for Corporate Events like Toyota, Sun Media, Ministry of Gov. Services, Weston Hotel in Malta Europe, Doctors without borders , numerous Fashion Shows and more…

Joanne has been cast in film and performed in many television shows including: A perfect Christmas, The Listener, Alliance Atlantis History Launch, Much Music, Breakfast TV, and Famous Peoples Players. She has made appearances’ in Reality TV shows like Rich Bride, Poor Bride, I Do , Let’s eat, So Chic, City TV, Dinner at the Sultan’s Tent-The Makeover. Joanne has performed in Live Theatre at The Living Arts Centre, The Rose Theatre and Canadian Stage.

Joanne Lorddess Camilleri hoop act Lorddess with Fire fans June '17th

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