Jeff Salem

drum circles with Jeff Salem

Interactive Drum Circles

Drums are one of the most primitive forms of communication and have been used for thousands of years. Apart from being used in modern music, drums and rhythm can be used to create unity within a group of people. A drum circle is a group exercise lead by a facilitator that allows everyone in the group to speak up by using their own percussive voice while contributing to the group’s musical adventure. Everyone plays a part in creating a spontaneous piece of music. The benefits, aside from being extremely enjoyable, are:

– Teach team building in a new unique way

– Stimulate creative thought processes

– Promote cooperation versus competition

– Demonstrate individual effect on the large whole

– Encourage clear communication

– Develop listening and expressing skills

– Inspire community involvement

– Define common ground between participants

– Activate playful stress reduction

Drum circles are beneficial to people of all ages. Jeff has designed a program that is suited for kids, teenagers and adults.


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