Hector Valladares


About Hector

Héctor Valladares has built his formal education on the foundation of scholarships and grants from institutions such as the Organization of American States, the World Health Organization, and from the private sector. He holds a three years Fine Art Diploma.

In the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico City he completed his studies on Restorations of Cultural Assets; He is trained in the Mass Media, Design and Production of newspaper/Journal work in the Federal University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He attended certificate courses on Design and Printmaking in the Ontario College of Art and Design and Electronic Publishing in the Digital Media Studios in Toronto.

His quality of work has allowed him to do a great deal of art for prestigious, rich and famous people. Valladares has produced a massive body of caricatures along his fruitful career of numerous years. He designs studio caricatures for the most sceptical being; he quickly draws black and white and colour caricatures for anyone who sees life in a not to serious manner.

Speed is important in this activity for most of the posers do not have enough patience to stay still for more than five minutes, worst yet, a child, hence, Héctor is aware of that. He believes he is a caricaturist by nature and by not having a formal training on this specific field, he senses that his inspiration, technique and style is only an extension of that energy, which comes from his posers.

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