Malcolm Russell


About Malcolm

Magician Malcolm Russell is renowned not only for his technical skill and articulate humour, but also for his naturally engaging style. Sleight-of-hand magic, mind-reading and mentalism, comedy and audience interaction come together in a series of wondrous, thought-provoking, hilarious and original shows, whether live in person or online via streaming performances.

Malcolm performs both stand-up stage shows and close-up ‘strolling’ magic, and has recently written shows specifically designed to be performed and watched online, from his purpose-built home studio. The medium is new, and so is the magic! As engaging and interesting as ever, the online/virtual format allows for presentations of mysteries that you have never seen before.

For thirty years Malcolm Russell has amazed and inspired audiences across Canada, Europe and Japan, and while living in the UK he set a record when he became the only magician in history to perform a magic show on every single inhabited island in Scotland – all 105 of them! During his ‘Inhabited Plus One’ tour he performed in castles, baronial manor houses, monasteries, pubs, schools, a wedding, a funeral, in a field, at a bus shelter and on national radio, among many others. He even performed on one uninhabited island for a herd of feral cows, just for fun.

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