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About Duncan William

Duncan has been performing his own unique brand of technology magic for nearly 10 years and has firmly established himself as one of the world’s leading digital iPad Magicians for hire.

Be it pulling money, balls, pens, coins or phones out of an iPad, printing your company vouchers and producing them from your handheld device, removing the flashlight from your phone or making a borrowed phone turn to see-through glass, Duncan uses cutting edge technology to make these feats possible.

In addition to his close up act, Duncan also offers a digital illusionist stage show too. Again, this can customised this to your brand. Above all, it’s visual, fun and highly memorable. Not only does Duncan have an in depth knowledge of apps and magic, but also, he can work with you or your clients to customise his technology for your event. Duncan can truly customise his act for your event. He can using branded wallpaper on his phone or iPad or even producing custom items such as badges, business cards, pens or other giveaways or branded items.

Using Duncan’s bespoke service will ensure that your brand, company and business message will be remembered long after the event. In other words, this branding, when combined with magic and technology makes for a truly memorable performance in this modern digital age. As a result, Duncan’s act, connects to the even the youngest digital users in our society.

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